Now that my time in Bulgaria has come to an end, I know I will spend the rest of the summer answering the two questions of, “ How was Bulgaria?” and, “So, do you know what you want to do with your life now?”

I have spent a good deal of time wondering how I will answer the first question, and I have come to a simplified, two-part answer. In Bulgaria, I saw and learned the following, most importantly:

1) God does things. From the outside, sceptics might question God’s presence in this part of the world; academic analysis of the faith community in Bulgaria and most of Eastern Europe says that authentic Christianity is dying out faster than fun fair goldfish. And while the faith certainly has seen days of deeper acceptance throughout the region, the academic statistics fail to portray the vibrant community of committed Christians that have risen up amidst the nation’s struggles. God’s Word has not returned void, and He is still accomplishing much in Bulgaria. He is speaking to people and calling them to advance His kingdom, and He has not left the church to fade away.

2) God’s people do things. I was constantly challenged by the way that the believers I met are willing to follow God’s call. They give up their comfortable jobs to start churches. They adopt orphans. They minister to Muslims. They share money with others. They uproot their lives and families to do missions work.  They live in faith without concern that God will not provide for them or that He will lead them astray. They trust that God is good and God is able, and their actions speak this belief loudly.

It was such a blessing to see God’s work in Bulgaria this summer. My faith was strengthened and stretched as I encountered these examples of boldness in Christ. As for the second question, regarding what I plan to do with my life, I hope boldness is forthcoming. I hope that I will carry with me these lessons of following God and trusting in His sufficiency.

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