Hello my name is Jack Quinn (unfortunately, I must admit, no relation to Integra Board member Bob Quinn). I have just finished my sophomore year at DePauw University and feel very blessed to be working at the Integra USA office in my hometown of Wheaton, IL. This is now my 4th week here and I am still trying to learn as much as possible about business as mission.

Through out the first couple of weeks Bob has focused on teaching me the fine art of administration. I have also been helping with changes soon to come to the website, blog, and facebook page. Despite the good times I have had wrestling with the filing cabinets Bob made it clear to me that his favorite part of the job is meeting with donors, investors, and other businesswomen and men of faith. After sitting in on one such meeting, it was easy to see why

June 2nd we had a meeting near Chicago. Bob had connected with this man through the Joseph Center (a Christian business school and Integra partner). They had exchanged emails but Bob did not know much about him except that he moved here from Albania about 15 years ago. We drove to a furniture shop about 45 minutes away were we met Adi. He gave us a quick tour of the shop where he showed us the enormous amount or detail that went into these ornate, hand-made banisters, fireplaces, and tables. Then we went to lunch at a nearby restaurant where Adi began to share with us his incredible story of faith. Like the vast majority of Albanians, Adi was raised Muslim. Under communism freedom of religion did not exist and Adi told us religion was not a huge part of his childhood. When the wall fell, he was in college and felt compelled to try the Albanian Orthodox church. It is there were Adi received his first exposure to the word of God however he didn’t understand what it really meant to be a Christian. Shortly after, Adi was called to move to the U.S. A medical doctor by trade, Adi obviously chose a quite different path in America where he opened the furniture shop he owns today. He says he prayed every night for God to guide him.

One day Adi was listening to his car radio and heard an advertisement for Moody Bible Church in Chicago and decided to check it out where he immediately felt at home. Through out the coming years Adi grew in his faith and has become the light for his Muslim parents, his wife, and kids to see the truth of the Lord. However Adi told us he truly came to trust in Christ more recently. In 2008, Adi began work on his largest project to date. He designed and built a $2 million house in Lake Forest, IL. As we all know, the housing market collapsed that same year, and Adi couldn’t generate any interest in his house. About a year later, he received a call from his bank giving him 90 days to find a new loan. In the midst of the recession, a new loan was no where to being found, and he was in danger of losing everything, including the business he had worked the past decade to build. Talking to his real estate agent, Adi found that no one had so much as called on his home in about 8 months. The night before the loan was due, Adi told us with tear in his eyes he did not sleep. Instead he knelt by his bead and prayed until the sun came up. That morning he got a call from his real estate agent with remarkable news. There was an offer on the house!

The man who made the offer was from Washington D.C. and planned on moving to Chicago. He had taken a trip to look at a different house in the same neighborhood. He looked at the house, hated it, and as he drove away to get back on the highway missed a turn. He ended up in the driveway of the house that Adi built and made an offer that day. The house was not sold at a profit but it was sold for enough that he could pay off the bank. Now Adi knows that God has given him everything including his business. He trusts that God will provide all that he needs.

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