Integra offers multiple opportunities for individuals and churches to get involved:

Silent Partners
Silent Partners are friends of Integra who “give to make it happen.”  They are those who work quietly in the background to make the Kingdom work of Integra possible.  [Read More]

Loan Funds (tax deductible gift loan/roi loan)
Integra’s multiple loan funds are supported by “gifts that keep on giving.”  There is no minimum gift for our loan funds.  Donors wishing to contribute a gift of any amount can participate.  As gifts are given, loans are disbursed.  Then repayment begins, a new loan is issued, and the cycle continues.  [Read More]

Equity Opportunities
Integra offers the opportunity to provide partner equity for small- and medium-sized business enterprises (SMEs).  Such partnerships, which should be thought of as venture capital transactions, range from $5,000 to $50,000.  [Read More]

How to Contribute
Integra is dedicated to facilitating every possible means for giving.  Follow this link for detailed information on making a credit card, or electronic, or paper check contribution to Integra today.  [Read More]