Trim Line Bakery

    • Business: Trim Line Bakery
    • Owner: Vili Husac
    • Location: Timisoara, Romania

Vili Husac launched the Trim Line Bakery in the Southwestern Romanian city of Timisoara in 1992. Today, with over 150 employees, the operation has become a model business enterprise with a clear vision for impacting the community. The bakery specializes in confectionery items such as cookies, cakes, and pastries. It's a popular stop for Integra staff as they visit clients!

When asked about his motivation for running the company, Vili states, “First, to help my family; then to help my friends; then to help my church; and then to help my community.” Owning and operating a business is far more than a means to personal gain for Vili. Admittedly the bakery turns a profit, but how the business is run is what's important. That's the real bottom line. 

Integra came alongside Vili at a critical time. The bakery was ripe for expansion but access to capital was a problem. A $30,000 loan from Integra in 2000 allowed the company to move into larger facilities and increase production. As a part of Integra’s client relationship with Vili, staffer Brett Howard was able to provide ongoing business training and personal mentoring. Through their interaction, Vili's vision for impact through his business continues to expand. 

In addition to providing employment in this city of 300,000 for more than a hundred people, Vili has linked arms with the Life Center, an orphanage in the area. Through this collaboration, after receiving social and job skill training, the young people from the orphanage often find gainful employment with the bakery—a critical alternative to the dim prospects for so many of these kids without families. It’s an important first step toward independence, providing the kind of structured work environment critical to life success. 

Income from the bakery has also allowed Vili to help start a café and bakery in a town close to Serbia that provides employment for women-at-risk. Many who otherwise might drift further into poverty or dependence on meager government assistance programs have found dignity in this opportunity to provide for their families. This blend of business and caring models the call of Christ to give a “cup of cold water” to the needy among us.

To accomplish these objectives that go beyond the scope of normal “business” operations, the Trim Line Bakery needs to be profitable, and it is! Vili knows he needs to take the running of his business seriously. His reputation for honesty and quality have earned the company respect and appreciation in the community. This sort of integrity is important in countries like Romania which have few examples of modern, well-run small businesses. 

Two of Vili’s brothers, both of whom have investments in the Trim Line Bakery, work in ministry-related jobs in the community. The income they earn from their ownership in the company allows them to serve the local church in ways that would be impossible without outside income. Instead of relying on donated dollars from churches in the west to subsidize ministry, the congregation, through the stewardship of these entrepreneurs, has been able to fund youth group and camp ministries. It goes without saying that the spiritual outreach through these efforts touches the community at levels far deeper—and of eternal importance—than the usual business.  

The future? Vili believes that expansion once again will allow increased impact through his business. Integra is exploring an equity investment with the company that will allow it to capitalize on Romania’s expanding economy.