Romanian Firm Furnishes Evidence of Success

    • Business: Boglut Dan-Furniture
    • Owners: Floare and Dan Boglut
    • Location: Oradea, Romania

Floare and Dan Boglut made a tough decision. They’re a great example of what a determined family can do.

After 20 years of working in a factory, Floare and Dan along with their two children, ages 10 and 12, made major changes in their life. Because of the high cost of living in the northwest Romanian city of Oradea, they decided to move into a village outside of town. They sold their apartment and built a new house with a small workshop on the first level. There they started a furniture manufacturing business in 1995. Operating costs and labor are much cheaper in rural areas of Romania.

The company began by producing small coffee tables, TV stands, and book shelves. Their product line has since expanded and now includes kitchen cabinets, along with bedroom and living room furniture. They also offer complete solutions for work places and offices.

The Bogluts started their collaboration with Integra Romania in July 2001, through a micro-loan, borrowing just $750. They used the funds to purchase raw materials and managed to double their production. After paying off the first loan, they applied for a second of $1,500. Then a third loan for $3,000.

About half of the company’s products are sold in four shops in small towns near their own. The other half are individual custom orders. The products are high quality and affordable compared with other small furniture manufacturing companies. The family has a strategic view of their business, and they work very hard.

Like other clients, through training and start-up capital, the Bogluts have developed a better life for themselves. In keeping with the priorities of Integra in giving back to the community, the company has provided a job to a poor young man from the village.

The children now attend school in Oradea but continue to be involved in the business helping their parents. According to Dan, “Our success is based on hard work and a helping hand from IRO” (Integra Romania).

What’s next? If the opportunity arises, the company needs to invest in a new piece of equipment that will allow the employees to finish the edges of their products more quickly. Endless hours are spent in hand finishing. The equipment will make it possible to compete for bigger contracts with much larger companies. . . and, create more jobs. . . increase profits to give back to the community and ministry. . . you get the picture.